Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty carports are contructed with heavy U.S. grade round galvinized pipe. These carports include our welded in snow truss in each upright along with a 2 ft corner brace on each leg. Our heavy duty carports can be raised to 12ft legs accommidate the tallest of campers and R.V.'s. Whether you are covering a camper, R.V., farm equipment, fuel tanks, or vehicles it makes the perfect carport customized to fit your exact needs. Don't forget to add gable covers (shown in right picture) for a more finished look.

Ky Farm Style

Ky Farm Style carports are constructed with 2 1/2 inch round galavnized pipe. These units come standard with galvinzed roof, a 4ft welded in center brace (shown to left), along with 2ft welded in corner braces on each leg. Farm style units can be raise to 9ft legs to accomidate taller vehicles. Snow truss (shown to left) can be added for strength which comes with 2 free gable covers. Farm style carports "no waste" design make them budget friendly and perfect for residental and farm use. Farm style carports can be customized for use as smoking shelters, patio covers, picnic areas, farm use/feed storage, and vehicle storage. Don't forget to add our 2 most popular options, Colored roof and snow truss.